What is Data & Analytics?

Let us help you to get up and running with analytics so you can take full advantage of your invaluable business data.

Before taking the first step towards a powerful solution that will add value with easy-to-use data analytics, many organisations begin by using Microsoft Excel. While Excel is a great tool, even start-ups will struggle to really explore data and find any meaningful results. It is far too time consuming, frustrating, and doesn’t provide the in-depth answers needed to propel a business forward. What you need is a dedicated analytics tool that will turn numbers into actionable insight.

A powerful data analytics solution helps to keep you profitable, proactive, and ahead of the competition. Depending on what solution you need, you could achieve stunning data exploration, effortless data prep, data warehouse automation, or cost-effective data visualisations. Or a full end-to-end analytics solution, from data blending and preparation all the way through to data visualisation and exploration.


What do you want to achieve with analytics?

You may have something in mind you’d like to achieve. Learn more about how you can remedy existing issues and fulfil business goals with the data analytics solution your organisation requires. Take a look at what we can help you to achieve:

Data & Analytics Knowledge Base

Data Management

De-risk analysis with effortless data preparation.

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Data Preparation

Blend, cleanse and prepare your data.

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Data Warehouse Automation

Automate the way you access, model, and govern data.

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Data Visualisation

Explore data using powerful, easy-to-use visualisations.

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Advanced Analytics

The next level of analytics - stay ahead of the competition.

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Why choose Cybit?

Cybit has 28+ years’ experience of designing, delivering and managing intelligent IT solutions. We can help with everything from a simple single-system data analytics migration to a full Modern Workplace solution – then we can support or fully manage it for you afterwards. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner, AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Qlik Elite Partner and Alteryx Premier Partner. Our friendly, specialist teams of dedicated experts are on hand to tailor your systems to the way your business works, to help empower your staff and boost productivity.

We make solutions that last, so they continue delivering value long-term and are agile enough to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your business. We are nationally recognised IT solution experts who offer a unique blend of specialist IT services and world-class technologies. Choose us to transform your business and drive incredible results.

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