Our Sustainability Focus

At Cybit we are committed to ensuring that our impact on our environment is a positive one and supporting our customers to do the same.

Alignment to SDG
We have aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Net Zero Plan
We have developed our Net Zero Plan in detail for the next 12 months, and review this annually.
Carbon Reporting
We calculate our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and measure our reduction progress annually.

Our Commitment

We have aligned with Science Based Targets to be:

  • ‘Net Zero’ by 2040 (90% reduction from our carbon baseline)
  • Reduce our scope 1 and 2 emissions by 50% by 2030

For over 30 years Cybit has supported its customers with their sustainability through cloud-based technological solutions.

Public cloud is known to be much more energy efficient when compared with on-premise solutions. AWS infrastructure is 5 times more energy efficient than the average European data centers and Microsoft Azure can be up to 93% more energy efficient than using a traditional datacenter.

At Cybit we support our customers migrate to the cloud on a daily basis

In recent years we have also been supporting our customers with secure technological, cloud-based solutions to enable remote working which enables them to reduce the carbon emissions associated with excessive travel within their organisations.

More recently with the explosion of artificial intelligence (AI), the environmental impact of AI is becoming a growing concern

The training and running of AI models can consume significant amounts of electricity, leading to increased carbon emissions. Powering and cooling the vast data centers required for AI processing demands substantial water usage.

A 2023 study by the University of California Riverside in USA found that for every 20-50 queries ran by ChatGPT, the most popular of the GPT AI models, 500ml of fresh water is lost via cooling processes.

At Cybit we support our customers to become AI ready

We ensure that when they do make the leap to AI based solutions, their data is optimised to mitigate the carbon footprint. Click here to read more about whether your organisation is AI ready, and how we can support you get there.

Our partnership with Flotilla is a significant step in our commitment to net zero.

Cybit are proud to have partnered with Flotilla to support us on our journey to becoming net zero by 2040.

We are committed to ensuring our impact on the environment is a positive one, and having experts like Flotilla who combine technology, science-based intellect and expertise supporting us will be key to our success.

Our Partners

We also ensure that sustainability is at the heart of our partner selection process, and therefore you can be sure when working with us that not only do we offer best-in-breed technical solutions but also solutions that are as sustainable as possible.