Departments may work from different datasets with incomplete or duplicate data. You rely on retrospective monthly reports and find it hard to do anything constructive with the information.


Blend, prepare, and cleanse all of your data

In a fraction of the time, no code required. Ensure all areas of the business are working from one reliable, accurate version of all of your data to boost the success rates of management decisions. Use your accurate data to optimise processes, boost supply chain agility, drive innovation, and better serve your customers.

Make sense of complex manufacturing data to identify and resolve production issues or potential failures in the product line – long before they affect your customers. From operators to CEOs, deliver the information that your staff need, when they need it, using stunning and easy to explore visualisations. Report creation is self-service to empower your team to do more, in less time.

What do you want to achieve?

Data Management

Organise your data into one accurate and reliable source of the truth with Data Management

Data Preparation

Blend and organise your disparate data from all business systems with Data Preparation

Data Visualisation

Bring your data to life with stunning, easy-to-explore dashboards with Data Visualisation

Predictive Analytics

More accurately predict machine failures, product issues, and demand with Predictive Analytics.

Geospatial Analytics.

Map out your factory floor to find efficiencies

It’s far easier to have conversations if they’re data driven and if you’re all looking at the same thing.

"It’s driving business benefit in the decisions it allows us to make."

General Manager of IT at Formica

Easily interrogate vital information

To improve lead times, cost-effectiveness and production quality


Discover new and innovative ways to increase productivity and maximise profit margins

Gain visibility

Into the entire supply chain and enhance operations

Manufacturing Case Studies

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Use self-service analytics to improve efficiency

IT departments can often become bottlenecks because blending and preparing data and dealing with simple requests can take up too much of their valuable time. One study shows that data scientists spend 60% of their time on cleaning and organising data. Their time needs to be shifted to valuable, insight-finding data analysis. Enable end users to become self-sufficient and find answers when they need them most.

Advanced analytics in manufacturing

Predictive analytics in the manufacturing sector is becoming less of an option and more of a necessity in today’s competitive industry. Gain greater visibility of the supply chain and transparency of operations and logistics. With an advanced analytics software solution such as Alteryx you can also utilise spatial analytics for location- and site-based analysis, and prescriptive analytics to use simulation capabilities to more easily make decisions.


Why choose Cybit?

Cybit has worked extensively with manufacturing companies, architecting, tailored and delivering BI solutions for the industry. We’re a Qlik Elite Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner and Alteryx Premium Partner, and our Business Intelligence consultants are also individually certified specialists. We strive to deliver solutions on time, in full, and to budget. We utilise a range of the best Business Intelligence products such as Qlik, Microsoft Power BI, Alteryx and TimeXtender to create exactly the solution your manufacturing organisation requires to succeed.

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