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Flexible Packages of Proactive Cloud Support and Optimisation

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Cloud solutions generally require specific experience and knowledge to upkeep and maintain.

It takes deeper experience to keep up with the rapid pace of change in technology. It can be time consuming to manage systems and continually optimise them.

If you’ve already invested in a public cloud strategy, or you’re considering it, our FlexCare managed cloud support packages are for you. We offer Microsoft Azure and managed AWS services. With the many working parts and services that go into a cloud environment, we use innovative cloud-checking tools to monitor every element and make sure your infrastructure is running optimally. We can work with your internal IT teams, or we can take on the full responsibility of support. We’re a Microsoft Gold Partner and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner who will proactively review your cloud environment for any issues.

About our FlexCare Managed IT Support services

If you currently use cloud infrastructure or cloud services, this support package will optimise licences, costing, and usage. To build your tailor-made package, we offer eight specialist cloud services, including cloud consultancy, to help support your cloud environment in the exact way you require:

1. Compliance

Monthly report on compliance and monthly security score plus recommendations to increase compliance/security status. Dashboard for dynamic reporting on system compliance over time. Azure and AWS policy management services to create compliance rules.

2. Identity management

Privilege identity management, multi-factor authentication (MFA), user management, and conditional access enforcement services. Monthly access review.

3. Optimisation

Monitoring and assessment of instance, storage and licensing. Monthly report with recommendations about cloud and architecture design, and high availability/redundancy.

4. Cloud protection

Network security review with ongoing monitoring and notifications of security changes. Reviews of external access, baseline policies, cloud firewalls. Email phishing threat prevention with training. Intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS).

5. Cloud-logging analysis

Intelligent security analytics, centralised cloud logs, analysis and reporting, machine learning for log analysis. Cloud-logging analysis provides in-depth reporting on the usage and performance of your environment.

6. Server security

Server hardening, endpoint security antivirus protection (AV), patching, and patching policy creation and review. Secure just-in-time (JIT) access to cloud services.

7. Encryption

Data encryption in transit and at rest. Database encryption and key vault management.

8. Backups and DR

Multi-availability zone (AZ) and multi-region failover to ensure your systems are safe in the event of an outage or disaster. Creation of cloud Disaster Recovery (DR) and backup policies with regular reviews and testing.

Specialist help in devising a disaster recover strategy

Our enterprise support packages include time with a certified and experienced technical consultant. They will work with you to devise a disaster recovery strategy that minimises the impact on your business should disaster strike. This will cover common and well-established scenarios to more advanced cutting-edge risks.

Technical strategy time for planning

When looking for the right technologies to secure your system, you could spend days researching and querying when in reality, they develop and progress constantly to keep up with new risks and threats. Knowing if, where, and when to invest can take up more cost in terms of time than the potential benefits. We want to help you win back your time. Our enterprise support packages also include technical strategy time to help you plan changes for cost savings, risk reduction, office moves – whatever you need.

Discover our FlexCare onboarding process and why you should choose Cybit for IT support.

Our FlexCare managed cloud support packages offer you robust security and compliance services including identity management, cloud protection, server security, and encryption. You gain access to the proactive support of our network operations centre (NOC) and our experienced team of specialist cloud infrastructure engineers and consultants.

On top of this, we offer cloud optimisation services, which means we will monitor and assess your environment for its usage of instance, storage, and licensing. We will provide cloud and architecture design recommendations, consulting, and more.

We focus on excellent service, proactive communication, and fast resolution.

Unlike many others, we don’t just offer support. We’re an end-to-end IT solutions provider, and we aim to be your long-term trusted IT advisor, so anytime you have a new goal to meet or a new challenge to overcome, we’re there to help. We follow industry-standard best practices, and our tried-and-tested approach to support means you know you’re getting the best service possible.

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