Construction Industry Webinar: From Code to Compliance - Mastering the Building Safety Act 2022

Join us for our upcoming live webinar – “From Code to Compliance: Mastering the Building Safety Act 2022”

🗓️ Date: Thursday 16th May 2024
⏰ Time: 10:00 AM
🎙️ Speakers:

Chrissie McAnelly – Cybit Data & Analytics Sector Lead – Construction

Ross Galbraith – Partner at Muckle LLP (Construction & Engineering)

Qlik Team – Cybit’s key technology partner for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

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Are you aware of the Building Safety Act 2022 and how it will impact the construction industry?

The Building Safety Act 2022 is of upmost importance for the construction industry.  While the Act gives more rights, powers and protections to occupants, the implications for the construction industry are far more wide-reaching, representing a monumental shift in the regulatory framework governing UK construction, outlining new requirements for transformative change that will impact everyone within the construction industry.

In addition to overhauling existing regulations, the Act creates a clear and proportionate framework for the design, construction, and management of safer, high-quality buildings now and in the future.

A critical component of the new more stringent legislation is the requirement for building projects and specifically anyone responsible for building safety to retain a “Golden Thread” of information.  It aims to enhance accountability and safety throughout a building’s lifecycle.

One crucial requirement under this act is the establishment of a “golden thread” of information throughout a building’s life-cycle.

The golden thread is a digital record that must be kept online and ensures that every stage of a building’s design, construction, and maintenance is meticulously documented, and kept up-to-date.

The government has decided that the “Golden Thread” of a building’s information must be stored digitally, and is structured, managed and retained in line with the golden thread principles.

The penalties for not complying could be fines, reputational damage and a prison sentence.

It is therefore critical that your construction firm has a clear understanding of the act requirements and a digital solution to ensure you are fully compliant with this vital legislation!

Here’s why you should join Cybit’s webinar:

Hear legal expert insights from one of the North East’s leading Commercial Law firms with years of expertise in the construction industry:

  • Ross Galbraith from Muckle LLP will delve into Act specifics—legal obligations, liabilities, and duty-holders’ roles.
  • Ross will also help you to understand the impact of the Act on safety, accountability, and explain the crucial “Golden Thread” of information required to comply with the legislation.

Cybit explore how harnessing the power of data analytics can prove to be a game-changer for construction firms seeking to deliver successful projects and gain a competitive edge:

  • Join Chrissie McAnelly as she discusses the emerging trend of advanced analytics and big data management in the construction industry.
  • Discover why having an effective data management strategy and solution in place can significantly improve project management, optimize costs, and help firms navigate key challenges such as tight deadlines, budget constraints, and complex regulatory requirements.

Cybit and Qlik:  Transforming Data complex data into actionable insight in minutes

  • We demonstrate how Cybit’s Data & Analytics Team can harness the power of Qlik’s industry-leading technology portfolio to address some of the most significant challenges in the construction industry.
  • The team will also showcase Cybit’s new solution which has been specifically designed to simplify the information management and governance of “Gold Thread” data required to comply with the Building Safety Act 2022.


  • Provide you with an opportunity to seek expert advice and ask any questions you may have on relating to challenges your company face within the construction industry and how they can be resolved!

By joining this webinar you will ensure your organisation is fully prepared to comply with the Building Safety Act requirements, and discover why leveraging data-driven insights in the rapidly evolving construction industry is crucial for staying ahead of the competition!

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