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What is Data & Analytics?

Before taking the first step towards a powerful solution that will add value with easy-to-use data analytics, many organisations begin by using Microsoft Excel. While Excel is a great tool, even start-ups will struggle to really explore data and find any meaningful results. It is far too time consuming, frustrating, and doesn’t provide the in-depth answers needed to propel a business forwards. What you need is a dedicated analytics tool that will turn numbers into actionable insight.

A powerful data analytics solution helps to keep you profitable, proactive, and ahead of the competition. Depending on what solution you need, you could achieve stunning data exploration, effortless data prep, data warehouse automation, or cost-effective data visualisations. Alternatively, you might build a full end-to-end analytics solution, from data blending and preparation all the way through to data visualisation and exploration.

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Blend and prepare data in a fraction of the time

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What do you want to achieve?

You may have something in mind you’d like to achieve. Learn more about how you can remedy existing issues and fulfil business goals with the data analytics solution your organisation requires. Take a look at what we can help you to achieve:


Achieve faster time to insight with effortless data management

Traditionally data management tools can take a frustratingly long time organise, catalogue and prepare your data. Trying to do this yourself manually can take even longer. You don’t have on-demand access to data which holds your analysis back. You need answers as soon as you ask the question. Some businesses rely on a team of experts for data management; however, this can be restrictive and a bottleneck to analysis. It is a high risk to place such a huge reliance on people rather than systems because if those uniquely-skilled analysts leave your business – so too do their skillsets.

What is Data Management and how can you benefit?

Data Management tools blend data from multiple sources, cleanse and enrich it, for a reliable format that can be outputted to data visualisation tools. This is vital to discovering the huge amounts of vital insights locked within business systems. When your business users are empowered with on-demand access to one source of accurate, prepared data, you accelerate speed to insight and get answers, fast.

With the right data management tool, you can reduce data preparation costs, achieve a faster turnaround of data delivery requests, and complete more analytics projects in less time. Cybit is the data and analytics expert you need to help you get started with the right data management solution for you.

What solution do you need?

Data Management tools blend data from multiple sources, cleanse and enrich it, for a reliable format that can be outputted to data visualisation tools. This is vital to discovering the huge amounts of vital insights locked within business systems.

Alteryx, a powerful data blending and data preparation tool, uses an R engine with preformed tools and a drag-and-drop interface to accomplish tasks that previously would have taken a fully trained data scientist hours of time. It provides easy data management that extracts, transforms and loads data from any source. Alteryx is a powerful mix of data science and artificial intelligence that provides effortless, sophisticated advanced analytics such as predictive, statistical and spatial. Self-service functionality and supportive assistance make building invaluable AI models much more efficient.

Qlik offers a modern, self-service enterprise data management solution called Qlik Data Catalyst that lets you find insights faster with on-demand access to a prepared repository of your data. Your data is integrated into Qlik for a collection of reliable, fully documented data whether that is from cloud-based, on-premise or hybrid sources. With data validation, profiling and quality measures, you can be sure that your data is fully reliable and accurate. Whoever in your business consumes and analyses data can do so faster than ever before – in minutes, not months.

Blend, cleanse and prepare your data – and you can do it with no code required.

When your business generates or has access to a huge amount of data, it can be difficult to blend it altogether in a cohesive and standardised way. Disparate systems provide incompatible data, but you need all of this data together for a 360-degree view of customers, products and staff. Your staff may be spending hours of time manually blending this data, but this can introduce human error into your data, so it becomes less reliable and truthful. Imagine if staff could spend less time fixing fields, and more time exploring data?

What is data preparation and how can you benefit?

Data preparation is the loading, joining and mapping of data to manipulate it to meet the needs of business users. A powerful data preparation tool makes blending your data easy, and automates time consuming tasks. It cleanses data to make it more reliable. No matter the source, data is standardised and cohesive and far easier to work with. After preparation, information can be outputted into a data visualisation tool for analysis. Shifting your team’s time away from frustrating manual work and towards uncovering valuable insights doesn’t just mean you benefit – so do your staff. They are empowered to do more and become more productive, efficient, and happier. Your team has hours of extra time to add value to your business and use insights to drive change. Your data is more reliable and produces more accurate and valuable results. The benefits of automated data preparation cannot be understated with the time and money savings you will make.

What solution do you need?

The two industry-leading tools that we can offer you to help fix your existing issues and fulfil business goals are Alteryx and TimeXtender. 42% of data-backed business decisions need to be made within just one day, and these two tools can empower you to do that.

Alteryx provides an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to blend, cleanse and prepare data in a fraction of the time – with no code required. Qlik streamlines data prep so you can easily combine data sources (no matter how large or complex) into a single view. TimeXtender automates repetitive and time-consuming tasks and provides full security and traceability of your data.

Data Warehouse Management enables you to act on data faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Designing and managing a modern data warehouse traditionally requires a lot of time, money and specialist skills. You may have a lot of data sources that don’t connect, and data is incompatible. Your analysts find it a nightmare to bring your data together in a secure and compliant way. Time consuming tasks take away from your team being able to explore data and discover actionable, transformative insights. When you need to make a decision fast, and you can’t access the data you need to do that, it can be incredibly frustrating and leave you in the dust of your competitors. What you need is a superfast way of blending and consuming data.

What is Data Warehouse Automation and how can you benefit?

A powerful data warehouse automation (DWA) tool makes it easy to access the data when you need it most so you can make vital business decisions. DWA is a method for progressive organisations to implement, support, and operate the data access and data flows needed to support business decision making in an agile fashion. Automation means you can establish a data warehouse in a fraction of the time and cost than with traditional approaches.

Business users access, visualise, and act on relevant data faster than ever before. The ability to incorporate new and rapidly changing data sources is a key benefit to DWA. Make decisions more rapidly and stay ahead of the competition. Taking advantage of the huge variety of data sources and massive increase in the volume of relevant data to consume is imperative for competitive businesses.

Propel your business forward by adopting an agile, easy to implement solution that you can maintain in-house or we can support or fully manage it for you.

Explore data using powerful, easy-to-use visualisations. 

Your business data is becoming more vital than ever. However, if data isn’t presented in the right format for the end users who depend on it to do their jobs, then analysing data can take hours of time, and be a very manual and frustrating process. Relying on end of month reporting means you miss out on the opportunity to find insights in real-time, and your competitors could be gaining the advantage.

What is Data Visualisation and how can you benefit from it?

Interactive data visualisations provide a new and improved way of presenting complex information. It makes it easier to uncover trends, discover insights, and find fresh ideas to reinvigorate your business. It transforms reams of numbers into stunning visualisations and in just a few clicks (rather than hours) you can find the next big idea to give your business a boost.

When data exploration is fun, you’re more likely to do it – and to do it well. Instant results mean you aren’t waiting for restrictive end of month reporting and you can act on data right now. Gain the edge over your competitors with data-backed decisions that drive real change. With intuitive data analysis, your team have access to the answers they need, when they need them, and they are empowered to do more in less time.

What solution do you need?

The two industry-leading tools that we can offer you to help fix your existing issues and fulfil business goals are Qlik and Microsoft Power BI. 42% of data-backed business decisions need to be made within just one day, and these two tools can empower you to do that.

Qlik uses a unique Associative Engine to help you find the answers other analytics tool miss. It provides powerful self-service data visualisations and AI-powered intelligence that empower your team to do more with your data. Microsoft Power BI offers a range of stunning visualisations so even nontechnical users can understand the story behind your data, fast.


Fully leverage data and empower your people with Advanced Analytics.

You don’t want to fall behind your competitors, so you want to adopt the latest technology and make data-backed decisions that propel your organisation forward. The problem is, this sounds like a lot of work and beyond your technical skill level. But what if these tools didn’t require you to be an experienced data scientist, and they were in fact AI-boosted, powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use?

What are Advanced Analytics and how can you benefit?

Gain the edge over your competitors with tools that enable you to work like a data scientist. Mix human intuition with machine intelligence to become a more proactive organisation. You can better understand your customers, products, staff, and business. This can even be to better understand the future of your organisation, to better plan resources, become more profitable, and make more successful decisions. Many of our customers to adopt Advanced Analytics, and it has enabled them to improve customer satisfaction by taking their needs and wants into consideration, or to improve efficiency by being able to ask “what if?” questions.

You need the right technology solutions to properly leverage data and empower your people, and Cybit has the experience to help you to do that. We will work with you to identify and develop the right solutions for your organisation. Starting with the issues you’re currently experiencing, let’s find the best way of meeting your needs and fulfilling your business goals. We can implement, tailor and support your solutions long-term, to ensure your investment continues to prove its worth.

  • Combine the logic of machines with the intuition of humans to discover deeper insights
  • Explore the complex statistics of advanced analytics using effortless, visual data exploration for better decision making
  • Shift efforts from time-consuming tasks to value-add work and drastically increase efficiency

The solutions we offer to help you become more proactive are Geospatial Analytics and Predictive Analytics. Read the next sections to learn more about them.

Become a more proactive, forward-thinking business with easy-to-use predictive analytics.

Previously, predictive analytics would have been something only highly experienced data scientists could have delivered. Now, predictive analytics are at your fingertips and your business can reap the rewards of becoming more proactive and forward-thinking.

What is Predictive Analysis and how can you benefit?

Predictive analytics provide powerful insight that lets you become more agile. Alteryx makes this so easy to do, with a drag-and-drop interface and a code-free or code-friendly platform. Their Machine Learning and AI-boosted predictive analytics give you the competitive edge and keep you ahead of the curve. You can better plan resources like staff or product replenishment – the use cases for this powerful tool are limitless.

Benefit from effortless data investigation, data cleansing, feature engineering, traditional and modern statistical modelling, time series, and predictive grouping. Alteryx puts the power in the hands of business analysts and data scientists, so they can utilize predictive analytics tools for powerful insight including regression analysis, ARIMA modelling, and more, to elevate intelligence into areas such as sales and consumer trends or product and inventory forecasts. Bring predictive analytics into your complete analytics workflow — from data to dashboard, or back to your database.

Discover location-based insights that revolutionise how – and where – you do business.

It can be an error-prone and time-consuming process to blend multiple datasets, apply geocoding, and enrich it with location intelligence. Combining in-house, geographic, and third-party data often means spreadsheets and manual coding. However, these insights can be pivotal to aid with data-backed decision making.

What is Geospatial Analytics and how can you benefit?

Geospatial analytics enable everyone to unlock and deliver key location insights. 70-80% of data has a spatial element to it, meaning you miss the location points hidden in your data. Start connecting the dots and finding geographic relationships you didn’t even know existed.

With built-in spatial analytics, Alteryx enables anyone to unleash geospatial intelligence. Combine your data with third party sources such as TomTom, the UK census, Google Maps, and much more. Alteryx makes it so easy to extract and blend data that you’ll actively look for new sources to add to datasets for enriched analysis.

Alteryx provides geospatial analytics tools that make field service and sales territory optimisation, asset location planning, transportation and logistics management, and location-specific marketing easier than you ever thought possible. You can easily work out distances, drive time, find nearest, and much more. Use a spatial matching tool to establish relationships between two locations (for example how many customers are outside of a ten-minute drive time for a location).

These intelligent findings can be outputted into a data visualisation tool such as Qlik. Then you can explore data naturally on maps or images to uncover deeper insights.

Unlock insights and accelerate digital transformation with Machine Learning.

You’ve probably heard of Artificial Intelligence and how many businesses are using it to empower staff and to get more done in less time. Machine Learning offers new and innovative ways of looking at your data. Imagine how much incredible change could happen if you gave your staff ground-breaking tools, so they can keep your organisation ahead of the competition.

What is Machine Learning Whereas AI is feeding a computer or system the information needed to complete a particular task, Machine Learning is a subset of AI that takes things a step further. It understands the context around the information you give it to continually learn using a trial and error method. It means the system can learn for itself using a feedback loop to understand the accuracy of its decisions to steer how it approaches similar situations in the future.

Microsoft Power BI uses AI powered data analytics to enable deeper analysis and inform decisions. Microsoft wants to empower organisations with the capabilities to unlock insights and accelerate digital transformation. It completes the grunt work so your staff don’t have to, and assists you with decision making using statistics and probability. Engage your customers, optimise operations, strengthen sales forecasting, and better predict the future of your organisation – all with accessible, inbuilt machine learning provided with interactive data visualisations.

Empower staff for smart data discovery with Augmented Intelligence.

Imagine if your staff no longer had to complete tasks that take hours of their time. Instead of the frustration they feel at having their time taken by tasks that add little value, they are empowered to far more than was ever possible before, in much less time. Dealing with data and combing it for insights takes a lot of manual work and it doesn’t reveal the deeper, more valuable findings that other methods of data analytics offers. That is what Augmented Intelligence can offer.

What is Augmented Intelligence and how can you benefit?

AI in Business Intelligence simply means training a machine to complete time-consuming tasks, saving your organisation vast amounts of misused time. Your focus is shifted from time-consuming tasks to completing the important work such as analysis or decision making. Let us help you to get started with the next generation of Business Intelligence.

Augmented intelligence is an exciting tool that uses machine intelligence to amplify human experience. This leads to deeper analysis and finding brand new insights. It is the best of both worlds – the logic of machines with the intuition of humans to solve problems neither could solve alone.

Qlik Sense uses augmented analytics that drives data literacy and empowers users of all skillsets. You can visualise information using natural language search to quickly find the answers you need. Explore the complex statistics of advanced analytics using effortless visualisations and the Insight Advisor tool to identify key information in datasets. Qlik uses an associative engine to process data so you can interact with data in a natural, visual way, saving you hours of time.

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