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Become proactive and achieve more with less


Choosing the right government data analytics solution

We understand that your biggest goals are better engagement with local residents and to continually improve services – all while making the most of an increasingly restrictive budget.

With the right government data analytics solution, you can shift your team’s time from extracting and preparing data to analysing it for the discovery of actionable insights that make a positive impact.

Instead of overwhelming and time-consuming data, take control with ad-hoc data interrogations and superfast visualisations.


Forget restrictive month-end reporting and make data-backed decisions when you need them most with intuitive, easy-to-understand reports, and industry-leading business intelligence for governments.


What could you achieve with data analytics?

Become proactive to issues

With predictive analysis, local governments can become proactive instead of reactive within areas such as housing and at-risk school children.

Big data and analytics in government is becoming increasingly vital in order to stay ahead of the curve. Strategically taking advantage of big data in the government sector can transform how local authorities meet their business goals and demand from local residents.

Adopt a platform powerful enough to blend, prep, cleanse, and output big data with just a few clicks.

Improve efficiencies

Achieve more with less using time-saving automation


Data analytics

Turn any end user into a data analyst with effortless drag-and-drop functionality

Visualise your data

Intuitive visualisations transform data into actionable insights

What could you achieve with data analytics?

Easy-to-use advanced analytics are becoming the norm for competitive organisations. Find potential cost efficiencies and eradicate any areas or services costing too much money, based on real data, using predictive analytics.

Spatial analytics can answer any location-based queries you have to improve services in your local area.

Increase the ROI of your digital innovation – recent studies have found organisations experience a huge £4 return for every £1 spent on the use of geospatial analytics.

Ensure visibility and transparency for local residents with public-facing dashboards and improved performance. Provide easy to understand information securely on the web with government analytics.

Take a look at Qlik Analytical Platform (QAP) solution to find out more about secure web-based BI.

Improve cost savings with government data analysis that analyses the whole range of data you gather and makes complicated financial data effortless to understand.

Choose from a huge range of custom, innovative visualisations that can provide new and intelligent ways of viewing your data.

Local authorities work with a lot of highly sensitive data that must be stored and utilised securely and in accordance with strict data security regulations.

Invest in a BI solution that can ensure compliance and help you to identify security risks.

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Why choose Cybit?

Cybit is a Qlik Elite Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner with the knowledge and expertise to transform your organisation with innovative BI tools.

We have over 30 years of experience working alongside customers to design and deliver intelligent end-to-end IT solutions.

We have helped numerous local authorities to implement value-add public sector business intelligence solutions to save money and improve services for local residents.

Our focus on maintaining long-term relationships with customers means we have local government customers with BI solutions that we are still supporting and developing nearly a decade after implementation.


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