Marla Tubes

A well-established, long-term partnership

With over 160 staff and 60 years of history Marla Tube Fittings are one of the UK’s largest UK stockists of steel products. Over the last decade the business has expanded rapidly across the UK, and further afield into Dubai and China, opening additional warehouses and production facilities. The increasingly complex IT infrastructure that underpins operations is managed by Cybit, a relationship that goes back 20 years.

Providing peace of mind with a complete IT support service

Today Cybit provides a complete IT support service, from recommending, procuring and installing new terminals, servers and switches, to round the clock monitoring and support. The solution that has been put in place means we can provide remote support to Marla operations across the globe, with experts using specialist support software to remotely access individual computers on invitation and fix issues in real time.

Remote reassurance but onsite when you need us

With a new office in a new country on the horizon, the team at Cybit were happy to be part of the team in Dubai with the opening of Marla’s new office. This Dubai operation was a new customer-made premise combining offices, factory and a warehouse.

“This was a big project, and we didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Our relationship with Cybit was very important. They’d helped us with relocations in the UK before and we had total confidence that they could deliver.” Steve Crook, Information Technology Manager, Marla.

Building regulations, local government laws and the language barrier would all contribute to a complex multi layered building project

“We got Cybit involved right from the outset and together we spent nearly a year planning and carrying out due diligence,” said Steve. “In advance of the building work being started a project team lead by Cybit used detailed plans of the proposed building to identify all the hardware requirements, cabling routes and port positions, CCTV and wireless access points throughout the 5300 m² of factory, warehousing and two floors of office space.” Steve Crook, Information Technology Manager, Marla.

As the project moved to within four weeks of the opening Cybit had a team on site permanently to complete the configuration and IT build including servers, firewalls, WAN optimisers, switches, Biometric readers, phone systems and thin client deployment.

The Cybit team worked incredibly hard to ensure that when the building opened, the 50 strong team could turn up with everything tested and working perfectly. It was nearly one and a half years from start to finish, a perfect project for us at Cybit.

“Cybit just make things easy. They’re so easy to deal with and it’s a very personal kind of service – you can phone up and speak to any of their engineers and get the answers you need. If they have a better solution for us, they’ll let us know, but you never feel as though you’re being sold something unnecessary – it’s always part of a joined-up solution to fit with our business plans and help us future proof our IT.” Steve Crook, Information Technology Manager, Marla.

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