The challenge

  • Find a solution that can be used by all trained financial statement auditors
  • Financial auditors are not able to load and manage data easily
  • The ability to easily assesses data quality, completeness & accuracy
  • Deliver a structured and methodological approach to analytics
  • The desire to provide auditors and clients with additional insights and value
  • A strategy that will support BDO’s drive to build a platform that will support the transformation of audit

The solution

  • Qlik was identified as the best platform because it offers an intuitive solution with rigorous governance, enabling BDO to deliver their strategic aims
  • This was delivered via a partnership with Cybit through an ongoing cycle of:
    – Prototype
    – Pilot
    – General Release
  • The delivery of Qlik solution that helps drive a unique market advantage

The benefits

  • The solution has helped deliver exceptional advantage for hundreds of clients since its deployment
  • Qlik has imported data from 60 different financial systems whilst offering significant productivity gains
  • Ongoing expanded delivery

Case Study Insights