Cybit Top Talent - Service Desk Operations Lead

We are are excited to announce a new regular feature that profiles our talented members of staff.

The Cybit Team is made up of some of the brightest and most talented minds in in tech, and we are thrilled to showcase their skills and expertise, in addition to providing insight into their roles and responsibilities.

Our first Cybit Top Talent profile features someone who in just 18 months since joining Cybit via our Apprenticeship Programme with Baltic Apprenticeships has become an integral part of our team who has demonstrated her exceptional technical skills and dedication to providing outstanding customer service.

Cybit Team Member Name:  Keira Aust 

What is your role at Cybit and what are you responsible for?

At Cybit, my role is a Service Desk Operations Lead.  I provide a high level of customer service to customers via telephone, email, and our customer portal.

I am responsible for supporting engineers with their day-to-day workload, including escalating tickets, supporting with queue management and providing training when needed.  I engage and support with the onboarding of new customers into the Service Desk and take ownership of my own personal development to enhance my skills and knowledge.

What made you want a career in IT?

I wanted a career in IT as it gives me the opportunity to be creative and solve problems.  I have noticed there are many organisations and initiatives like Cybit that are focused on supporting and empowering women in technology, providing mentorship, networking opportunities and resources.

I am overall really enjoying my IT role here at Cybit and I’m eager to progress further.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Cybit?

I enjoy many things working at Cybit including the productivity, the teamwork, the personal growth, and the positive atmosphere.

I have a very supportive team with different skills and experiences who are ready to help and provide guidance when needed.

What would be your advice to someone wanting to start a career in IT? 

My main advice for someone wanting to start a career in IT would be to keep learning.   IT is constantly evolving therefore it is best to stay updated with the latest technologies and trends.   IT mainly involves solving problems, so try and embrace it.   Be patient, persistent and resourceful when faced with challenges.   Every problem is an opportunity to learn and grow.

If you’re thinking about a career in IT or want more details on what it’s like to work at Cybit, and our current opportunities then please take a look at our careers page at the link below.