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Demo: Turn raw data into strategic insights in minutes with Stitch

Stitch: Zero-maintenance cloud data pipelines in minutes

From raw data to strategic insights in minutes growing companies need to understand what’s happening in every corner of the business.   For the teams tasked with making sense of this data, there’s one big problem: there isn’t a single source of truth for their data.

Modern data teams need access to customer records, marketing touchpoints, and product usage data that’s scattered across the business and siloed in dozens of SaaS apps and databases — with no way to consolidate that data in a single place for analysis.

Is your data team is spending time writing extraction scripts, custom SQL queries, and complex data transfer processes to build and maintain ETL pipelines?

We believe data analysts should be spending most of their time generating insights, not struggling to get the data they need. With Stitch, your teams can quickly get all of their data in one place to power BI, data analytics, and business dashboards.

Stitch will maintain the full extraction process for you with out-of-the-box security features for more control, visibility, and flexibility.  This means up-to-date-and reliable, up-to-date metrics.

Introducing Stitch

Stitch helps you replicate data into cloud data warehouses so you can quickly access analytics and make better, faster decisions. With prebuilt connectors to more than 100 data sources, Stitch is a fully managed, scalable service that gets you ready to query new data in minutes.

How Stitch works?

Integration sources — A typical company today uses dozens of applications to run their business. Stitch supports over 140 business data sources and offers a user-friendly UI so data teams can access more of their data faster.   From SaaS apps like Google Ads and Salesforce to databases and event streams, Stitch covers the integrations that analysts need to uncover the right insights sooner.

Integration destinations — Stitch supports a growing list of destinations including Snowflake, Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, PostgreSQL, and more. Configure Stitch to route different data sources to different destinations based on specific project requirements.

Compliance and security — As fines and threats continue to rise, security and compliance are top-of-mind for every organization today. Stitch secures, analyzes, and governs data by centralizing it into your data infrastructure. Enterprise-grade security spans the application, the supporting environment, and data-specific policies.

Stitch encrypts data all within the Stitch environment, in transit and at rest. Stitch offers secure options for making connections to all data sources and destinations, including SSH tunneling, SSL/TLS, and IP whitelisting, and exclusively uses HTTPS for web-based data sources.

To ensure we meet our most important service-level target — don’t lose data — replicated data is retained in Stitch’s system for a short period of time.   Stitch automatically deletes data when it is no longer needed for replication.   All data that Stitch processes for customers is deleted from our systems within 30 days.

Stitch also supports major compliance initiatives including SOC2, HIPAA, and GDPR.

Extensibility — Though there are thousands of SaaS tools and data sources on the market, most ETL platforms support a few dozen at best.   In addition to native support for over 140 data sources, Stitch helps data teams integrate with more sources via the Stitch API.   The Stitch API allows you to push any arbitrary data into your data warehouse using a JSON format.   Stitch’s source integrations are powered by Singer, an open-source standard for ETL that allows data engineers to replicate data from any source to any destination.

Orchestration — Data experts and business users require complete visibility and control over their projects. Stitch’s orchestration features provide full control and visibility into data as it flows from data sources to the destinations in the data stack, beginning with scheduling.

You can specify when and how often the data should be replicated, from every minute to once a day. As a managed service, Stitch detects and reports any errors that arise in a pipeline, and automatically resolves issues when possible. Otherwise, a user is notified when further input is needed.

Detailed extraction logs and loading reports document the replication process while a log explorer can identify and remedy unforeseen results. For users with more sophisticated needs, advanced options include API access and key management, advanced scheduling, notification extensibility, and post-load webhooks.

Performance and reliability — Stitch powers mission-critical data infrastructure for thousands of the world’s most forward-thinking companies. Clients can process billions of records per month and scale their data volumes up or down without worrying about provisioning hardware or managing workloads. Enterprise SLAs are available to guarantee uptime, support response time, and ensure data freshness.

How is Stitch different?

Stitch makes manually built data pipelines and ETL scripts obsolete by providing a data pipeline solution anyone who works with data can use.

  • Choose from 150+ of the most popular ad platforms, CRMs, databases, fintech, and marketing analytics tools.
  • Transparent pricing for predictable costs.
  • Stitch is built on the open-source Singer project, offering extended integration to data sources supported by the Singer community.
  • The Stitch API offers a gateway for any arbitrary JSON data, helping data teams build pipelines to all of their applications

Don’t take our word for it – watch the Stitch Demo Now! 

Join Cybit’s Data & Analytics Consultant Asiel Esgar as he demonstrates Stitch in action in the demo below.

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