Explore the top 5 benefits of moving to public cloud in 2023

Making the right decisions for your businesses IT infrastructure can be complex and in today’s current economic environment in is more important than ever to make decisions that improve overall efficiency. We take a look here at our top 5 benefits of making the move to public cloud.

Cost Savings: One of the biggest benefits of moving to the public cloud in today’s economic environment is the potential cost savings when compared to more traditional hosting models. Public cloud providers offer flexible and scalable pricing options, which can reduce the costs associated with maintaining and upgrading in-house IT infrastructure. This can and will result in a reduction in CAPEX and OPEX, freeing up cash for other business needs. In addition, public clouds provide cost-effective solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, enabling them to access enterprise-level technologies without making significant upfront investments.

Scalability: Every business wants to benefit from the ability to scale, up or down. A key benefit of the public cloud is scalability and flexibility. Public clouds provide the ability to scale resources up or down as needed, allowing organisations to respond to changing demands quickly and efficiently. This can result in increased agility and the ability to adapt to new market opportunities, as well as reduced costs associated with adding or removing IT resources. This scalability removes the need for businesses to future plan for ‘anticipated’ IT demands when buying physical hardware removing CAPEX and supports right size, best fit IT models.

Improved Security: Compared to in-house IT infrastructure public clouds offer improved security. Public cloud providers invest heavily in security and offer features such as encryption, secure access, and disaster recovery options to ensure the safety and protection of customers’ data. This can give you peace of mind, knowing that your critical data and applications are protected. This benefit extends out to the certifications that cloud providers have covering their datacentres and the services hosted within them, i.e. ISO 27001, ISO 9001 AND ISO 14001, delivering a highly compliant hosting environment at a fraction of the price and with none of audit headache.

Increased Innovation: Public clouds provide access to the latest technologies and innovations, enabling you to take advantage of new and emerging trends without having to make significant upfront investments. This can help businesses gain competitive advantage and improve overall efficiency and productivity.

Enhanced Collaboration and job satisfaction: Public clouds offer easy-to-use collaboration and communication tools that can improve teamwork and productivity. By providing your team with the ability to collaborate and communicate in real-time, public clouds can help your teams gain a more collaborative work environment and improve overall teamwork. Providing internal IT teams with the opportunity to constantly evolve with the latest hosting infrastructures and technologies provides higher levels of job satisfaction and in return better staff retention.

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